Delabie C100 M35


Tempoflux 2


Automatic shut-off direct flush valve, concealed behind stainless steel wall plate Ø195, for traditional WC or children pan.
Including: chrome plated solid brass body and push button, with built-in stop cock, for in-line M3/4" inlet and outlet with bush for PVC tube Ø32/26.
Shut-off delay ~10 sec.
Siphon action pipe interupter.
10 years warranty.
Brand DELABIE type TEMPOFLUX 2 concealed for WC pan, single touch.
Ref. 762902

Product advantages

  • HIGH RESISTANCE TO VANDALISM: vandal proof push button control and stainless steel wall plate without visible fixing. Avoids water cisterns in WC. 
  • EASY OPERATION for children, handicaped or erderly people... 
  • LIMITED SERVICING and EFFICIENCY of direct flush (tanks are unsuitable for public sanitaries, get scaled, impurities and require a more frequent and difficult servicing) 
  • RELIABILITY: unmatched endurance, and scale, corrosion and foolproof mechanism. Self-cleaning hydraulic delay device. 
  • EASY MAINTENANCE: Interchangeable mechanism cartridge. 

Tempoflux 2

Tempoflux 2 Dimension

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