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Plasson Fittings

WALTON (Den Xanh) is the Plasson Importer of fitting solutions for connecting PE pipes in Vietnam. 

Plasson joining systems are regarded as the highest quality, most dependable compression fittings worldwide with 44 million top-quality fittings produced annually. Plasson's products can be found in over 80 countries around the world.

Plasson is an international company based in Israel. With over 750 employees, their corporate strength is largely derived from their extensive range of plastic fittings.

Always seeking for excellence, Walton provides Plasson’s high quality product as well as a specialist support and training for the professional contractors.


  • Landscape irrigation
  • Agriculture
  • Wastewater system
  • Hot water conveyance
  • Municipal water systems

Plasson in Vietnam 

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Why using Plasson Fitting?

  • Quicker and Easier installation

    Connecting pipes has never been that easy thanks to the Plasson fitting technology.

  • The most Reliable

    Therefore all the products meet high levels of:Connecting pipes with Plasson Fitting ensure you the highest level of stronger pipes joining.

  • High Performance

    Check out their references below.Proven high performance in water distribution and industrial applications all over the world.
  • Most Economical

    Economic benefits are a result of overall integrated system quality and innovation which reduces the potential for operator errors and aging issues.

Three ranges of fitting products

Electofusion R Mechanical R Pvc & Valves R

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