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Plasson ElectroFusion Smart System Features

  • Superior Fitting Design
    increases joint integrity
  • Automatic Controller
    decreases potential operator error
  • Computerized Data Retrieval
    ensures quality control by Joint Data retrieval of measurements and records
  • Compatibility
    between Plasson ElectroFusion and other electrofusion systems through the computerized barcode system
  • Easy Installation
    using PLASSON's simple practical tools
  • High Standards
    are ensured by the latest product testing methods


Stronger pipe joining - Plasson ElectroFusion quality fittings have long penetration depths and fusion zones which ensure high quality joints.

Most Economical - Economic benefits are a result of overall integrated system quality and innovation including the computerized smart system which reduces the potential for operator error.

High Performance - Proven high performance in gas and water distribution and industrial applications.

Superior Service - Plasson provides unmatched service based on over 40 years in

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