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EAGLE™ 351B Rotor Series

The first golf-quality short-throw irrigation rotor

Residential-grade landscaping rotors eventually crack under the pressure of golf course irrigation systems, but the EAGLE 351B is more durable than any other short-throw rotor, and it has a five-year warranty (when installed with a Rain Bird® swing joint) to back up that performance pledge.

With an ideal adjustable range for tee boxes, small greens, and other limited irrigation areas, the EAGLE 351B uses a nozzle technology that exceeds all other brands, specifically designed for efficient water distribution. Control the arc with a flathead screwdriver, without turning the case, for precision coverage in tiny spaces.

Sturdy, accurate, made just for golf course irrigation systems—the EAGLE 351B is the short solution to a long-time need, guaranteed.


  • As requested by superintendents, the radius of throw is a versatile 18' to 55' (5,5 m-16,8 m), for irrigating tight areas
  • Built to withstand golf course irrigation system water pressure; operates at pressure from 60 to 90 psi (4,1-6,2 bars), and can sustain up to 100 psi (6,9 bars)
  • Both full- and part-circle operation are incorporated into each unit, requiring only one head for all irrigation needs 
  • Adjustable left and right side trips allow for easy installation, without turning the case
  • The Rain Bird® Memory Arc® feature returns the rotor to its original arc setting when it has been forcibly turned beyond the trip points of the set arc
  • Nozzle pop-up height of 3.25" (8,3 cm) from top of the case to the center of the nozzle clears the taller grasses
  • Unique nozzle design, interchangeable without special tools, distributes water evenly, with less sensitivity to water pressure
  • Now available with high flow, matched precipitation rate nozzles!
  • Fully top serviceable, eliminating the need to dig in order to perform maintenance
  • Solid design and construction guarantee (with a five-year warranty when installed in conjunction with a Rain Bird swing joint), for a significantly longer life span than commercial-grade products
  • Available in block (with SEAL-A-MATIC™ device) models
  • Inlet threads available in 1" ACME
  • Water-lubricated gear drive eliminates loss of lubrication and water contamination due to leakage
  • Self-adjusting turbine stator allows for nozzle replacement without other adjustment requirements.

Eagle 351 B


Arc: EAGLE 351B: 360º in full-circle mode; adjustable from 50º to 330º in part-circle mode.
Maximum Inlet Pressure: Model 351B: 100 psi (6,9 bar).
Recommended Operating Pressure: 60 psi (4,1 bar), 70 psi (4,8 bar), 80 psi (5,5 bar).
Radius:18 to 55 feet (5,5 to 16,8 m)Flow: 1.5 to 15.5 gpm (0,09 to 0,98 L/S)

  • Full-Circle Mode: 360º less than or equal to 180 seconds; 120 seconds nominally.
  • Part-Circle Mode: 180º less than or equal to 90 seconds; 60 seconds nominally.

Inlet Threads: 1" (2,5cm) (26/36) ACME.
Holdback: 10' (3,1m) of elevation.
Nozzle Trajectory: 17º and 25º
Maximum Stream Height: 13' (4 m)


  • Body Height: 9.6" (24,5 cm)
  • Top Diameter: 4.25" (10,8 cm)
  • Pop-Up Height: 3.25" (8,3 cm) from top of the case to the center of the nozzle.

Eagle351b Diagram

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