Delabie C100 M35




Electronic basin tap with power supply 230-12V with transformer (separate electronic control box IP65).
Infrared detection of presence.
Removable spout L.140.
Regulated flow rate 8l./min. with scale proof aerator and anti-blocking in flow safety device.
Programmed Periodic Rinsing during 45 sec. every 24h after the last use, to prevent risks of legionella infection.
Reinforced fixing by 2 stainless steel rods and lock-nuts.
Brand DELABIE type TEMPOMATIC with power supply 230-12V with transformer.
Ref. 445000

Product advantages

  • REMOVABLE SPOUT for sterilization.
  • FULL HYGIENE without manual contact, avoiding the propagation of bacteria/germs carried by the hands.
  • WATER SAVING: about 80% in comparison to classical taps (due to shorter flow rate and flow duration).
  • VANDAL-PROOF: reinforced fixing and shock-proof detection cell.
  • ANTI-BLOCKING SAFETY: avoids risk of continuous flow (automatic closing after 60 sec. of continuous detection in case of malevolence, automatic reset).
  • RELIABILITY: corrosion-proof solenoid valve. Foolproof detection of presence.
  • EASY MAINTENANCE: independent separately accessible units and auto-diagnostic leds.
  • SCALE PROOF AERATOR: 5 times slower scale deposit than a standard aerator.

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