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20JH - 1/2" Impact Sprinklers

Widely used on all types of solid set systems, on center pivots, and in general field applications because of its construction and reliability. Excellent performance in low to medium application rates.


  • Durable brass die-cast arm
  • Stainless steel springs and fulcrum pin
  • Chemically resistant washers PTFE washers 
  • Two-year warranty
  • Spoon drive arm runs on larger nozzles and higher pressures
  • Corrosion and grit resistant
  • Built to last


  • Bearing: 1/2" Male NPT, Brass
  • Trajectory Angle: 23 degrees
  • Operating Range: 35-80 psi(2.4-5.5 bar)
  • Flow Rate: 2.0-5.47 GPM(0.45-1.24 m 3 /h)
  • Radius: 35-44ft.(11.59-13.42 m


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