Delabie C100 M35


PREMIX Compact


Thermostatic hot water control for mixed water distribution.
Adjustable temperature between 30 - 60°C, can be locked by the installer.
Anti-scalding safety and accurate to ±1.5°C between 35 - 45°C with automatic shut-off in case of sudden loss of cold water supply.
Integrated non-return valves.
Brand DELABIE type PREMIX Compact.
Ref. 733015

Product advantages

  • TEMPERATURE STABILITY ensuring optimal comfort: corrects any fluctuations in temperature for the user.
  • ANTI-SCALDING SAFETY automatic hot water shut-off in case of cold water failure. Maximum temperature limiter is adjustable and can be locked by the installer. 
  • ANTI-LEGIONELLA SOLUTION that is preventative and permanent. As well as maintaining the hot water temperature above 50°C in all parts of the system, the thermostatic mixer should be placed as close as possible to the outlet points.

Premix Compact

Premix Compact Dimension

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