Delabie C100 M35


Tempomatic 4


Electronic, deck-mounted tap for washbasins with 6V Lithium battery, solenoid valve and electronic controls integrated in the body of the tap.
Infra-red presence detection.
Adjustable flow straightener with flow rate set at 3 lpm, with anti-blocking.
Duty flush to prevent stagnant water in the system if not used for prolonged periods.
Chrome-plated solid brass body and reinforced fixing by two rods and back-nuts, maintenance access cap is locked in place by hidden screws. Supplied with F3/8" PEX flexibles, stop cocks, non-return valve and filter.
Brand DELABIE type TEMPOMATIC 4 with integral 6V battery.
Ref. 440006

Product advantages

  • INSTALLATION: Can be installed on any isolated point-of use for new builds as well as renovation; there is no need for electrical connections (thanks to the integrated battery).
  • WATER SAVING: almost 90% compared to conventional mixers/taps (shorter and lower flow rate).
  • CONSTANT FLOW RATE: flow straightener set at 3 lpm at 3 bar (flow rate can be adjusted if the Pressure is < 3 bar) (DELABIE patented).
  • SENSOR at the end of the spout optimises detection of hands in any position.
  • VANDAL PROOF: reinforced fixings and shockproof sensor.
  • TOTAL HYGIENE: no manual contact prevents the spread of germs carried by the hands. Duty flush and solenoid valve with piston mean no water stagnation, reducing bacterial development.
  • EASY TO MAINTAIN: independent elements can be accessed separately. LED diagnostic aids. Average battery life is 3-6 years, sensor flashes when batteries are spent.
  • ANTI-BLOCKING: prevents continuous flow (automatic shut-off after 30 seconds of continuous detection, prevents continuous flow, resets automatically).
  • RELIABLE: solenoid valve will not corrode. Reliable presence detection.
  • HYGIENIC FLOW STRAIGHTENER: scale build-up is 5-times slower than on a conventional aerator.

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