Delabie C100 M35


Tempostop 2


Automatic shut-off basin tap.
Automatic shut-off delay 15 sec.
Pre-set flow rate 4l/min., adjustable from front without dismounting the cartridge nor cutting-off water.
Body in chrome plated solid brass with flow straightener L.116.
10 years warranty.
Brand DELABIE type TEMPOSTOP 2 for basin.
Ref. 702000

Product advantages

  • HIGH RESISTANCE TO VANDALISM: Body in chrome plated solid brass designed to prevent tearing off, and fixing reinforced by locknut.
  • WATER SAVING about 70%, due to automatic 15 sec. shut-off delay and 6l/min. pre-set flow rate.
  • RELIABILITY: unmatched endurance (scale, corrosion and foolproof mechanism, and self-cleaning hydraulic delay device with calibrated groove).
  • QUICK INSTALLATION: adjustable flow rate from the front of the valve without cutting-off water nor removing the cartridge (DELABIE patented) to reduce installation time and complexity.
  • EASY MAINTENANCE: Interchangeable mechanism cartridge, accessible without dismounting the tap.

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