Delabie C100 M35




Disinfectable BIOCLIP Mixer for Washbasins with straight, fixed spout H 85 L 120 fitted with an aerator and supplied with an hygienic flow straightener (no build-up of imputities and will withstand thermal shocks).
Ref. 2820T

Product advantages

Comfort & Ergonomics

  • Optimised personal washing and hand washing.

-The hand washing protocols undertaken by healthcare workers in hospital environments require care and time. The correct height and reach of the spouts of mixers/taps used for washing hands is essential. In addition, patient’s personal washing takes place more and more frequently at the washbasin, and a large drop height and longer spout allow optimised hand and body washing. Our BIOCLIP mixers are specifically designed to overcome these constraints.

  • Ergonomic control levers meeting the needs of different users.

-Manual controls. Solid levers combine design and ergonomic and sculptured levers can be easily gripped.

-Controls without manual contact. Long levers specially designed for healthcare professionals to operate using the first, the forearm or elbow. They are also suitable for people with reduced mobility

  • Rapid removal of the BIOCLIP mixer body from its base.
  • To replace the mixer, reposition the body vertically on ots base and tighten the grub screw.

Other advantages

  • Resistance and reliability

-Body, base and chrome-plated brass spout
-Made from non-corrosive materials.
-Highly reliable mechanism. Ceramic cartridge will withstand more than 500,00 operations. Reinforced fixing by 2 stainless steel rods and back-nuts. Helps with installation and reduces vandalism

  • Warranty 10 years

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