Delabie C100 M35


Temposoft 2


Time flow, deck-mounted basin mixer with side temperature selector.
Soft-touch operation and automatic shut-off ~ 15 seconds.
ECO flow rate pre-set at 3 lpm at 3 bar, can be adjusted depending on the pressure in the pipe work.
Chrome-plated solid brass body with scaleproof and vandal proof flow straightener.
Delivered with PEX flexibles and reinforced fixing by 2 bolts.
Spout H. 84mm.
10 year warranty.
Brand DELABIE type TEMPOSOFT 2 basin.
Ref 740500

Product advantages

  • 2 TIMES LESS PRESSURE required to operate compared to a traditional mixer.
  • WATER SAVINGS: up to 84% thanks to the automatic shut-off ~15 seconds, and a pre-set flow rate at 3 lpm.
  • AJUSTABLE FLOW-RATE: 1 to 5 bar, can be adjusted by the installer, depending on the pressure in the system.
  • VANDAL PROOF: designed to withstand intensive use in public places. Chrome-plated solid brass body and reinforced fixing by 2 bolts.
  • SAFETY: Maximum temperature can be set by installer. PEX flexible hoses, with filters, non-return valves and stop cocks.
  • RELIABILITY: Superior endurance (reliable scale and corrosion-proof mechanism and self-cleaning hydraulic delay device with calibrated groove).
  • SCALE PROOF AND VANDAL PROOF FLOW STRAIGHTENER: scale build-up is 5 times slower than a conventional aerator.
  • 10 year warranty

Temposoft 2

Temposoft 2 Dimension

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