Delabie C100 M35


Self closing mixer/valve


Automatic 30sec. shut-off delayed mixer TEMPOMIX under plate ø195 without exposed screws for concealed mounting.
Temperature selection on the control knob and maximum temperature limitation.
Regulated flow rate 12l./min. adjustable from front without dismounting the cartridge nor cutting-off water.
Solid chrome plated brass body with filters and non-return valves.
Recessing box (adjustable recess deph of 20 mm).
10 years warranty.
Brand DELABIE type TEMPOMIX shower mixer under chrome plated plate ø195 for concealed mounting.
Ref. 790927

Product advantages

  • HIGH RESISTANCE TO VANDALISM: vandal proof valve without exposed screws.
  • WATER SAVING: over 60%, due to automatic 30 sec. shut-off delay and 12l/min. pre-set flow rate.
  • SCALDING RISK REDUCTION : maximum temperature limitation by the installer.
  • TIME SAVING AND EASY SETTING: flow rate adjustment from front without cutting-off water nor dismounting the valve.
  • RELIABILITY: unmatched endurance and reliable scale, corrosion and foolproof mechanism. Self-cleaning hydraulic delay device with calibrated groove.
  • EASY MAINTENANCE: Interchangeable mechanism cartridge, accessible without dismounting the shower panel.

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